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Tip Toe Loft – the new home of contemporary furniture in Paris

Paris is a magical city to live and work in and one of the loveliest and cosmopolitan centers for fashion and design. One brand that started its story in Paris is Tip Toe – a label that offers customizable furniture. The brand founders were looking for a place where they can showcase their latest products, collaborations and iconic pieces. And they found it on the charming Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin – the colorful and bright 150 sqm loft is an inspirational place where they can not only exhibit their furniture designs but create new ones as well. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin is located in district 10 of Paris – a vibrant community of people deeply connected with art and design – exactly the right place for this young brand.

Tip Toe was founded in 2015 by two long time friends – Matthieu Bourgeaux and Vincent Quesada. Matthieu comes from a family of craftsmen from the Chamonix Valley where some of Tip Toe’s furniture is produced. And Vincent is a well traveled adventurer and a passionate follower of the latest trends in design and architecture.

Tip Toe furniture is unique, creative and adaptable. The brand has multiple collaborations and a number of creative ideas and plans. What is the secret of success behind Tip Toe – the quality of the materials and the impeccable finish of each piece. And, of course, the custom made designs. Each piece has its own story and is produced with the brand’s core values in mind – sustainability, affordability and quality.

Tip Toe found its home in this amazing loft with glass roof – an unusual but striking feature. The interior was designed with a minimalistic approach in mind – clean lines, functional furniture and carefully chosen color scheme. Here you can find some of the most coveted pieces of the brand along with some if its latest collaborations.

The place hosts many events, workshops and private sales and it is a must visit if you happen to be in Paris.

To visit:

Le Loft Tip Toe

46 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin

75010 Paris, France

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