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The chic and stylish home of Nina Dobrev in West Hollywood

Located in one of the best parts of Los Angeles – West Hollywood, the home of Nina Dobrev is a Spanish-style bungalow nestled among beautiful palm trees. The house was built in 1929 and needed a bit of updating to bring in that cool California vibe. Maintaining the original feel and character of the bungalow was a priority for the designers. The interior is an eclectic mix of old and new with lots of natural light and materials, rustic and modern at the same time.

The actress mostly used furnishings and objects she collected from her travels making the place unique. All over the house there are gold and brass accents – a great finishing touch to each room that immediately catches your eyes.

The kitchen is pale blue with copper accents and feels effortlessly chic, modern and comfortable at the same time. The added kitchen nook for additional seating and early morning breakfasts gives the place a cozy look and also makes it super inviting. Large arched windows let the light in and it is no wonder Nina Dobrev says this is her favorite part of the house.

The bedroom is beautifully decorated and the focal point is the dark headboard which is carefully balanced with light accessories and the abundance of light coming in. A gold nightstand is one of the accents that sticks it all together and gives a little whimsical touch to the décor.

The same strong contrast is used through the rest of the home and is softened by the natural materials used – lots of wood, brass, and gold.

The actress is a vivid art collector and each room showcases amazing art pieces. One of the best is in the living room – a colorful portrait of Audrey Hepburn made by a local street artist. Also, in the living room, there is a large fireplace painted black and lined with glass. Unconventional and glamorous, right?

Of course, there is a pool and a beautiful garden – a nice finishing touch to the overall feel of the house.

The open flow vibe and inviting atmosphere of this beautiful home are what makes it perfect for both living and entertaining and is an epitome of the cool California style.

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