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Contemporary bathroom design ideas

The design of a modern home cannot go without a clean, edgy and chic bathroom. There is endless inspiration everywhere when you start looking for contemporary bathroom design. Although this is the space that is often mistreated and left behind in favor of living rooms and bedrooms, the bathroom can easily stick the home design together and create a seamless, flowy connection with the rest of the rooms.

Can your bathroom become a modern sanctuary with clean lines and crisp design? Yes, with minimal colors, the right furniture and lighting you can have an oasis in the middle of your home.

Here are some ideas on how to design a contemporary and elegant bathroom.

Be a minimalist

Minimalism is a major feature of modern decor—white colors, functionality, functional accessories and lots of natural light – keep the design clean and uncomplicated. Choose every element you want to incorporate in such a way so it can take as little space as possible—both physically and aesthetically. Straight and simple silhouettes are the key.

Use proper lighting

If you don’t have access to natural light in your bathroom area – use lots of lighting.  Nowadays there are many choices for clean and modern light fixtures. Bathrooms should be  bright and airy – very often they are not big in size so lots of light is vital.

Don’t shy away from dark tones

Dark palettes with a splash of bright color add contemporary touch to any room – opposite to the usual thinking – dark tones and one overall color scheme will make the bathroom space larger. Light furniture, minimal hardware and bright accessories will make the space open and inviting. Incorporating mirrors and glass shower doors is the key to spaciousness.

Choose the right furniture

Contemporary bathroom furniture includes high gloss elements, clean design cabinets, wall hung shelving and straight shapes. Clean minimalist styling is key for a contemporary bathroom space. There are many options you can choose from depending on the style you like and the overall décor of your home.

Go industrial

Mix old and new to achieve this coveted style. Doorless shower, industrial tiles and lighting, mirrored walls equals striking contemporary design. Use concrete material, visible bricks or wood – your bathroom will look different and will get many compliments. Industrial style goes with everything – you should definitely have it in mind.


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