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Scandinavian design- how to organize your home simply and effectively

I love design in all shapes and forms but over the last few years, I took a great interest in the way people do design in Scandinavia – extremely simple but so powerful. The concept of less is more is very much incorporated into the Nordic culture. Probably when you hear Scandinavian design the first thing that comes to your mind is white walls, wooden floors, stylish, effortless furniture – and you are right. How come something so simple is so effective? Nordic design is not for all, but if you love powerful statements expressed with simple, on the point features, here are some tips on how to recreate it in your home.

Choose the right colors

Colour has always been one of the first features to think about when you start designing a room. In Scandinavian design, colors tend to be on the bright, airy side. Choose white or light colors, muted grey tones too and stick to this palette all through. Also, for Nordic design natural light is everything – try to maximize it as much as you can.

/Images via Fantastic Frank/

Incorporate wood into the interior

Light wood in any form – floors, walls, wooden shades or even toys – shows how much Scandinavians love nature – it keeps the outdoor-indoor connection at home and brings warmth – also it is so synchronized with the famous concept of Scandinavian hygge – comfort, coziness, and contentment.

/Image via My Scandinavian Home/

Form and function – use furniture that is simple yet striking

If you want to recreate that cool and urban Nordic vibe in your home – functional and stylish furniture with clean lines and modern forms is one of the most important features you should add to your interiors. Scandinavian furniture is all but conventional – and contrary to the general opinion – exactly because of this fact it will always be in style. A classic leather sofa, sharp bookcase, armchairs with non-standard shapes – make these pieces a focal point – they will for sure pop out and bring your home that authentic Nordic feeling.

/Images via the Ultralinx and the Contemporist/

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