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Living the Brazilian Dream – the Home of Lenny Kravitz

Nestled in the luscious and majestic valleys surrounding Rio de Janeiro, there is an amazing farmhouse compound – the music legend Lenny Kravitz’s home. Ten years ago he was scheduled to fly back from Brazil to the United States after a concert when one of his friends mentioned that there is an amazing place he definitely needs to visit. Although it was their last night in Rio, the singer decided he would very much like to see it. He didn’t leave for 6 months – that is how much he liked what he saw. Two years later Lenny Kravitz returned to purchase the land with all the buildings on it.

Surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and green fields, the site has astonishing views – the perfect place if you want to reconnect with nature. The property spreads on almost 4 sq. km and it is an old coffee plantation including several farmhouses and a couple of other buildings.

Not only that the singer made this property his recreational place, but he also built a recording studio so he can work while enjoying nature.

Boasting with large open spaces and a few bedrooms the main building where the singer mostly resides is very much connected to the outside with its openness, big windows, and fresh air.

The walls are full of original art and also huge black and white pictures of the singer’s family members. Wall murals with leaves painted, black leather sofas and lots of wood create an amazing contrast with the brightness that comes from everywhere.

Also, there is an amazing acrylic grand piano in the middle of it all /of course – a true singer’s home/. Lenny Kravitz even painted one of the walls by himself with huge triangles giving the place an amazing and artistic vibe.

The master suite is stunning. The walls are adorned with black leaves, a huge vintage bed is in the center but the most interesting part is the copper bathtub next to the bed because who doesn’t need a huge bathtub in the bedroom…

Top to bottom windows and the vibrant colors make this place artsy and also give an extreme amount of light and contrast. But at the same time, there is closeness to everything natural – you can absolutely disconnect from the everyday and enjoy the simple, organic life that surrounds you. This place is the ultimate adventurer’s dream.


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