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Living large: How to design your small space

Many times, small living spaces are very challenging to design and decorate. However, it is not impossible. There are many ways to make even the smallest space functional and sophisticated by finding the right balance between efficiency and spotless design.

How to make your small home feel open and inviting? Also, can living in a micro apartment be fun and convenient and more importantly – easy to design? The answer is yes. With a bit of inspiration and creative ways to decorate you can easily incorporate a feel of spaciousness, comfort and sustainability.

Here are some ideas on how you can achieve this.

Maximize storage

If you don’t have adequate organization plan, you will probably get lost in the design of a tiny space. The choice of design that does not overwhelm the space and keeps the aesthetics in line is one of the main concerns. Clever storage solutions will help your place look tidy, open and airy. Use your wall space wisely – open shelving is one of the best options.

Be mindful of color

Along with lots of natural light that you will want to have in the space, using light tones when designing small rooms is recommended. Light colors will open up your home and will make it feel bigger, brighter and inviting.

Use mirrors

Incorporating mirrors into the interior can double the space. It is one of the tricks that is used especially when working with tiny homes. Mirrors are stylish and visually effective way to make you living space feel and look spacious. They create a unique perspective, reflect the light and bring a feel of openness.

Tip: Use large mirrors or mix and match different sized mirrors for even cooler effect.

Use multi-purpose furniture

Stools that can be used as mini tables, sofa beds to convert your living space into a bedroom for you or for your guests, Murphy beds, a dining table that can double as a desk, open bookcases as room dividers – the choices are endless and will keep your home organized, airy and spacious.

Some useful tips:

  • Always think minimalistically.
  • Declutter whenever you can.
  • Keep it tidy everyday.
  • And last but not least – enjoy your small space!


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