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How to transform your home into industrial-style space

If you are looking to make a bold statement with your home, industrial style is the one for you. It combines modern design with old materials, taking inspiration from warehouses or factories. The main elements of this interior look are bare bricks, visible pipes, concrete floors, big windows, stand-out lighting as well as recycled and repurposed materials.


Bare it down

The industrial style stresses on the raw, open space that is so typical factories and other industrial buildings. To get this look, you can put an emphasis on exposed bricks or unfinished walls, metal elements, and bare windows. Furthermore, you can choose between wooden flooring and polished concrete, both iconic for this style; however, the second option is more budget oriented but still ultra-modern. 

Aster CucineFACTORY | Kitchen with peninsula

Consider Open Plan

Industrial style homes often have an open floor plan, reminiscent of production halls in plants. To make the space homier and more distinctive, you can arrange your furnishings in different groups. If your home cannot be set in one wide space, you can achieve this feeling by simplifying the space and mix up some industrial décor elements with the pieces you may already have. Rustic and eclectic elements could easily be matched with this style.

EmilCeramica by Emilgroup 20TWENTY INDUSTRIAL

Neutral colors 

Neutral tones, such as gray, black, white and brown, create the clean and minimalistic look of the industrial style homes. Bold colors are only used in small accent furniture or decor, such as a coffee table or wall art pieces. Bathrooms usually feature bare bricks, white tiles and black metal frames.

Recycled furniture

Almost anything that has cold metal, such as aluminum, tin, steel or iron, fits is the essence of the industrial style home – raw and natural. Either recycled or repurposed, these pieces will blend in the functional and casual look of this space. Furthermore, you can incorporate vintage items, retro appliances or gadgets into the décor.

Abstract art and deco

Interior designers recommend combining the industrial style with abstract, modern art, multimedia sculptures, black and white photography, vintage illustrations. Anything that gives you a soft and warm feeling should be left out. However, plants are welcomed and they can infuse life in the industrial space.

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