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Floral arrangements in modern interiors

Decorating with flowers is one of the easiest ways to refresh your home without any major design changes and big investments. A wonderful floral display can complement your interiors, brighten the space and uplift your mood. Here are some ways on how you can incorporate flowers in the décor of your home.


How would you like it when you enter a home and there is a big and colorful floral centerpiece? Yes, your mood lightens up and you immediately feel calm. Always use colors in the foyer – the place feels inviting and in touch with nature.

Blooming tables

Floral arrangements as table centerpieces are are a classic and easy way to fill up a room with color. They add a lovely detail, fun and colorful symmetry in the room.

A piece of rainbow

Yellow tulips, pink hydrangeas, lilacs from the garden – they all add an energetic burst to space and are powerful additions for an instant refresh. The pop of color will instantly brighten the room and you can switch the arrangements as often as you like. Colors are a powerful statement.

Coffee table flowers

What better way to complement your coffee table than a great arrangement of flowers – along with books, candles, and small accessories, flowers are a coffee table staple and a nice addition to a modern living room.

A little touch

You only need a small display of flowers to completely transform a space. The smell, the color, the look will give any room a feel of homeyness and cheerfulness. Even the tiniest bouquet or arrangement will brighten the interior.

Dry flowers

If you don’t like flowers because they die quickly, try dry flowers instead – they are also a very nice option and make up for a beautiful home decor. They complement a light, neutral color palette and immediately add a modern and cool feeling to any room.


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