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Cool and contemporary furniture design for kids

Inspiration, art and creativity – three key features a kid’s room has to embody. Let’s admit it – the children’s room is the space where your little ones would spend most of their time so it should be decorated in such a way that they would love spending time in there and at the same time to be a creative environment that stimulates their imagination.

Today we are showing you a cool furniture design compilation by the Croatian industrial designer Natasa Njegovanovic. The Avlia collection she created contains elements that are simple, not overloading but not common either. Simplicity is key when designing for kids – and this collection is exactly that – simple and amazing.

The designer found inspiration in farm and domestic animals and then constructed colorful and imaginative furniture that would make every kids room look playful, inviting and fun.

Design that resembles the wonderful world of animals and nature

A big cow-shaped desk, stools looking as dogs and cats or even a pig toy box – what kid would not love all these fun places to store their toys and every little bits and bobs they collect. This collection introduces shapes, colors and playful objects to boost kids imagination and let them create their own magical story.

Multifunctional furniture

The all-in-one furniture concept is a great and fun option for children’s rooms. A storage piece that doubles as a riding toy or a stool that can become a mini table for drawing is so fun – not overloading the room with lots of furniture and using objects which elements can be put together can create the perfect environment for fun and games.

Natural organic materials

Made of oak material and having clear aesthetics and colorful accents, the pieces of this collection keep the nature in focus and at the same time teach kids the importance or simple organic living.

Functionality, color and personality play an important role in Natasa Njegovanovic’s work. And this is exactly why we love her designs – every single detail invites us to dream about living in a fairy tale!


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