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Chic and modern apartment in Sofia

Located in one of the most prosperous neighborhoods in Sofia, Izgrev, this cozy and modern apartment is what all homeowners are looking for. Project ONE had the pleasure and the privilege to work on the interior design of this apartment. Having just 3 days to furnish it and put the final touches, we managed to secure this remarkable result and the full satisfaction of our clients.

The apartment has an open plan kitchen living room, one bedroom, a master bathroom and a smaller one.

The kitchen combines white gloss and wooden elements, typical for the Scandinavian style. The built-in home appliances blend in perfectly, while the wooden open cabinets and wine stand can be used for storage and décor. With plenty of workspaces and a beautiful isle, the kitchen gives a sense of functionality. Furthermore, there is plenty of natural light, filtering through the seamlessly positioned windows, making the room look even bigger.

The living room is the area for either relaxation or entertainment. It has a contemporary, practical but yet comfortable interior with a dark gray sofa, a beautiful mustard yellow accent armchair, and a lovely geometrical rug. The room is a tasteful combination of bright warm and neutral cold hues, charm, and functionality.

The bedroom has an abundance of natural light bringing the beauty of outdoors into one of the most personal spaces in the home.  The neutral colors of the room, combined with a king-sized bed, a beautifully crafted wardrobe and fashionable lighting fixtures, make it the right place to rest and let go of the stress after the long working day.

Both bathrooms create a simplistic and clean feeling. The wall tiles of one of the bathrooms are in the warm neutral palette and perfectly match the white porcelain sink and the practical shower cabin.

The other bathroom has white glossy wall tiles combined with porcelain sink with wooden surface and wood like flooring. The high-quality bathtub will help to wash away the tension and relax.

More about the rental offer you can read here

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