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Dimore studio and gallery – a collection of beautifully crafted furniture and objects

Milan is a wonderful, magical city where some of the most coveted interior design houses have settled home in. Studio and Gallery Dimore is one of the influential design projects located right in the heart of Brera design district on one of the most beautiful streets in the city, Solferino. Dimore is founded by two creative personalities Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran in 2008 as a creative outlet and a showcase of their extensive collection and their view towards everyday art. In the gallery you can see an amazing selection of some iconic pieces by different artists – from Gio Ponti, Gae Aulenti and Gabriella Crespi to the french Charlotte Perri and Paul Levance. The selection is exceptional, eye catching and truly something you must see if you happen to visit Milan.

Gallery and studio Dimore is nestled in a Milanese apartment building with a cosy courtyard and wisteria greens all over it. Large windows and old double doors lead to this wonderful home of art. The studio settles on the second floor to the left and is offering exceptional design and interior ideas and Dimore Gallery is on the same floor to the right – selling historical and one of a kind pieces signed by the artists themselves.

One of Salci and Moran’s latest projects is the Transfer installation: the concept revolves around rooms designed to have inner rooms within like tents filled with historical pieces randomly mixed up an set to show scenes from everyday life. Also, there is a room designed as a warehouse and once in it you can really imagine how a collector stores the art pieces he loves.

Another important collection is the presentation of designer Gabriella Crespi, an influential Italian designer who created furniture and sculpture. In the exhibition there are 7 pieces of metallic furniture installed among piles of sand. The designer originally designed them in the late 1970s and the collection includes different objects such as a mushroom-shaped lamp, tables made from brass and bronze and other geometrically inspired pieces. Displayed against bright fuchsia background across several rooms at Dimore gallery, the objects are chic and glamorous and also timeless – which is amazing given they were produced in the previous century.


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The chic and stylish home of Nina Dobrev in West Hollywood

Located in one of the best parts of Los Angeles – West Hollywood, the home of Nina Dobrev is a Spanish-style bungalow nestled among beautiful palm trees. The house was built in 1929 and needed a bit of updating to bring in that cool California vibe. Maintaining the original feel and character of the bungalow was a priority for the designers. The interior is an eclectic mix of old and new with lots of natural light and materials, rustic and modern at the same time.
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Colorful and fun home in North Sydney, Australia

There is one word that we can use to describe this home – color. Situated in North Sydney, Australia, the home of designer Rachel Castle /which she shares with her husband and two kids/ is the true epitome of whimsy – vibrant and fun, it is exactly what we can expect of a designer and an artist’s living space.

Spread over 250 sqm the house is full of light thanks to the huge top to bottom custom made windows which open to a garden that looks like part of the inside living space. Vibrant colors, bright and cheerful furnishings, and artwork all over transform the home into a fun and happy place to live in. Not coincidentally, it is known as the sunshine home in the art and design circles of Sydney.

The focal point is no doubt the huge living/ dining/ kitchen space with a skylight on top. The black framed windows add to the home’s spaciousness bringing light in and also giving an amazing contrast to the various colors around.

The kitchen island separates the living and cooking areas and matches the equally gorgeous wooden floors making the flow to the rest of the space flawless.

The pink sofa is what catches your eyes immediately – it is designed by Rachel Castle herself for her eponymous collection.

Large paintings are hung all over – from the living space and the bedroom to the kids’ rooms – which results in a house interior that truly communicates the passion and the creativity of the family.

As the designer says – she never throws out anything she loves – and her home is full of art and objects she collected over the years from everywhere – surrounding herself with favorite things makes the space unique, artsy and a joy to live in.

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