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Bright, bold and beautiful

How to incorporate colors in your bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we rest and therefore most people use subtle designs and exclude colors. Opposite to the belief that you feel more relaxed in rooms with a natural, pale palette, choosing bold colors will give you tranquility. Here are some tips on how to incorporate color in your bedroom design. 


Use bold color combinations 

Purple and red go extremely well together and they are so brave and unexpected – yes, blue and white is classic but introducing unexpected color combinations into the picture will definitely bring coziness and modern feeling at the same time. 

Bonaldo PICABIA | Bed double bed
Bonaldo, LOVY BED

Don’t feel blue – use it in your bedroom 

Blue is an extremely calming and yet contemporary color that you can incorporate anywhere in the bedroom. Walls, shades, even ceiling – it will make your good night sleep even better. Mix and match two or three shades of blue for even richer effect. 

Bonaldo, PACO
poliform, BIG BED

Pretty in pink 

Pink is so not standard for bedrooms but you have to go beyond the regular. Yes, the first reaction is – so girly – but maybe you can use it with a great shade of green, try it just on one wall or buy a velvet pink bed – the key here is to use it as an accent but a focal one. 

Bonaldo, PICABIA

Don’t be afraid to use yellow 

Yellow is such a nice, vibrant color and most of the time we stay shy from it when it comes to the bedroom. Try something different – why not a yellow ceiling with black and white striped wall to compliment it. It is all in the details. 


Black is the new black 

Yes, black is color – and a powerful one. Do not stay away from it – opposite to the belief that black makes everything seems smaller – it is especially good as an accent wall in smaller bedrooms – just use lighter window shades, bedding, lots of plants and neutral small details. 

Wall&decò BREEZE
Molteni&C FULHAM | Bed

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