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Art Deco Style and how to incorporate it at home

A combination of styles – this is how Art Deco is described. And yes, it is exactly that – a mix of eclectic influences, materials, and shapes. Art Deco originated in France in the early years of the 20th century but still, it continues to influence contemporary design.

Is Art Deco easy to achieve and implement at home? What are some of its prominent features and how to incorporate them at home?

Bold Walls

Bright, luscious colors or an amazing wallpaper – Art Deco is all about bold walls. It is one of the ways to make a strong statement and it is not a secret that designers often use dark, rich colors for small rooms in order to make them look bigger – and it works.

Gold or silver metal accents

Large statement mirrors, gold or silver light fixtures, all kind of metallic accents will stitch the room together and will give your home the coveted Gatsby vibe. Especially gold finishes speak volumes about Art Deco and are one of its base features.

Extravagant and luxe fabrics

Rich, bold and lavish fabrics, materials that give the appearance of wealth and class – they all add lux as well as comfort in the home and have the ability to elevate the overall look. Try fabrics like velvet for furniture and curtains. Faux fur pillows and throws will add to the feeling of fancy but elegant décor.

Unconventional and over the top furniture

Art Deco furniture is bold, with straight edges and eccentric lines. Velvet sofas with wooden elements, decorative side tables, ornamental headboards are all pieces that you can use to achieve the look of Art Deco.

Floral motifs

Nature motifs play a big role in the Art Deco style. Flowers and leaves, shells and feathers are often incorporated in furniture, homewares, lamps, and curtains. The little artsy elements are the ones that show the true spirit of Art Deco design.


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