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4 Inspiring Interior Design Instagram Accounts

Nowadays inspiration exists everywhere over the internet but Instagram is the go-to spot where you can find everything – it is the best place to discover what is trending now – especially in home interiors. Whether you are looking for minimalistic design ideas or you want to find vibrant, colorful and rich interior designs – Instagram has it all.

Today we are sharing a few Instagram accounts – belonging to different people around the world with different taste and style. What is common among them is how amazingly curated their spaces look like – simple, yet stunning.

Kate @kateshyggehome

Kate was born and raised in Berlin but is strongly influenced by the Nordic culture and way of design which show in how she decorated her home. Her Instagram feed is full of pictures of her cozy apartment boosting with light, green plants and minimalistic furniture.

Petra @minimockspetra

Petra lives in Stockholm with her husband and three kids. She is the owner of Beton studios – making the eponymous mini leather mocks. Her home is amazingly addicting as she lives and shares her take on the coveted Scandinavian style. Warm tones, natural light, comfortable sofas and messy beds – what not to love about this home?

Kirsten @heim.spiel

Kirsten’s home is located in Vienna and she shares it with her family. Her home is the epitome of chic – pale palettes all over and a touch of the color yellow – chairs, lights, curtains. The calmness that comes when you look at her home interiors makes us dream about living in such a place – serene and charming.

Karina @kabeaux

Karina lives in Berlin-Kreuzberg and her apartment is full of stories, vintage finds, and high ceilings. This is a home where you immediately feel welcome and wonder who are these people who made it look so nice – you want to know them. Such an inspiration!

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